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Ladue Ram

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He has the EDUCATION

  • Bachelor of Arts in History, Washington University, 1966
  • Master of Arts in Education, Washington University, 1969


  • Current President of the Ladue Board of Education
  • Secondary Social Studies Teacher, Ladue Schools, 1966-2005
  • Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation Award> for the Teaching of Economics
  • Double-diamond National Forensic League Speech and Debate Coach
  • Adjunct faculty at Washington University, University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Columbia College
  • Government Budget Instructor for Columbia College
  • Curriculum writer for the Missouri History Museum and the Urban Museum Collaborative
  • Lead Social Studies Instructor, University of Missouri High School
  • Instructor Yeshivat Kadimah High School, Advanced Comparative Political Systems


  • Co-sponsor of Ladue High School service organizations
    • Blacks Being Involved
    • Gay-Straight Alliance
    • Peers Are Listening (peer counseling organization)
    • High School Taught Elementary Program (peer prevention education)
    • Middle School Tutoring
    • Regional Teen Institute on Substance Abuse (peer leadership training)
    • Canned Food Drive
  • Former treasurer and board member of Greater St. Louis Speech Association
  • Founder and organizer of the Olivette Summerfest for 37 years
  • Past chairperson of the Olivette Youth Commission
  • Resident of Ladue School District since 1967
  • Parent of two children who were educated in the Ladue school system

Educational Opportunities

Ladue Horton Watkins High School consistently ranks as one of the best in the nation. Our renovated high school now provides a twenty-first century facility to support our outstanding academic program. We must continue to provide excellent educational opportunities to all of our students. This means we must be dedicated to equity, to enable every child in our diverse student body to achieve his/her maximum potential. This means that every student should see a path to the development of their own unique talents and interests, including Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math (STEAM) as well as language arts, social studies, and languages. To enable this, we must provide an environment in which students feel safe and valued for who they are.

Fiscal Responsibility

In the time I have served on the School Board, including three terms as Board President, we have significantly improved the financial health of the District.
  • Implemented minimum fund balance percentage of spending requirement, to assure that we act proactively to assure the Districtís longterm financial well-being
  • Upon passage of Proposition 1, instituted 5-year spending guidelines that resulted in postponing a further tax levy increase for at least 8 years
  • Over $5 million in operating spending cuts were identified and implemented
  • Districtís fund balance went from $12 million to $33.6 million

Looking Forward

Excellence in education results from a team effort. Our District can justifiably be proud of its entire staff. We have a well-qualified, creative team of classroom teachers, counselors, administrators and support staff, dedicated to providing our students with a wide range of learning opportunities. We must be dedicated to retaining our outstanding educators, while also working to be sure they are representative of our diverse student population.

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Ron Teper, treasurer

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