Testimonials from Senior Village members around the country

I love being able to stay in my own home. Harold and I had 60 wonderful years here together; we raised all the kids here. Thank goodness I don't have to move into one of those "cookie cutter" senior living buildings.

I don't feel alone any more.

I can be sure that when I call a man to fix something that he will be honest. The Village checks the licence and insurance coverage of each preferred contractor every year. That's great peace of mind.

Stephen was the technology geek in our family. He never read the manuals; somehow he just knew how to get these things working. Now that he is gone, I am at a total loss. He knew how to save all our favorite programs on the video recorder. Not only did I not have Stephen, but I did not have my favorite TV friends, either. The Village sent over a volunteer to teach me how to program the video recorder. He wrote down some step-by-step directions. Stephen would have loved the new season of Downton Abbey.

My wife used to handle all the finances and the check book. Now I've got some help from a friend at the Village.

I can get a ride in the evening; my local adult bus does not run at night.

Doris and I used to take a lot of pride in our yard and garden, but we got to the point where we could not bend over and crawl around in the dirt like we used to. The tree out back ... I planted that the day our daughter was born. All the dogs are buried out behind the garage. Thank goodness I have some help with the yard now.

I feel safer in my house now; the Village sent over a volunteer to make me aware of some things around the house that could cause me to slip and fall. He also pointed out some security issues that I was not aware of. He found a handyman to come and secure the doors and windows.

Before I retired, I was a vice president of a major corporation. I had people working for me, I held meetings. I developed a budget. I made things happen. Frankly, I missed some of that. And I missed the social interaction. I offered to volunteer at the botanical garden; they said I could pot plants in the greenhouse. I tried the art museum; they wanted me to greet people and direct them to the restrooms. Then I found out about my local Village. They really needed volunteers. Volunteers to work with other members. Volunteers to work in the office. They needed someone familiar with finances and budgets. So, now I work for the Village several hours a week, helping our members, helping the Village. It's good for them. It's good for me. I still matter !!

We always knew we should have a living will and health care powers of attorney, but we kept putting it off. I guess nobody wants to face their mortality. The folks at the Village recommended a lawyer to put all the paperwork together. He recommended setting up a trust, which we had not even thought of. We always thought those were for rich people.

My daughter kept telling me I wasn't eating right. I didn't want to keep hearing that from her, but sometimes I just didn't have the energy to cook. And when I did, it was easy just to heat up one of those frozen dinners. Ugh. They didn't taste good, but they filled me up. Finally, after one of my daughter's nagging sessions, I called the Village office to see what they had to say. They sent over a volunteer to give me some guidance about healthy meals that were easy to fix. And they gave me some phone numbers for local restaurants and grocery stores that will deliver a meal to me, when I want it. Now both my daughter and I are happy.

That light bulb over the back stoop had burned out again. Without that light, I am afraid I will trip down the stairs when I take out the trash at night. The Village sent over a volunteer to change the bulb. But he put in one of those new L-E-D bulbs that he said would never burn out. We'll see about that ... I'm going to be here for another 20 years !

You hear about all these scams and rip-offs being targeted to senior citizens. Every night on the news, there is this young man who investigates how older folks are being stolen from. Well, the Village had a whole meeting about how to avoid these types of scams. It was fun and funny ... I never laughed so much. I can't wait for one of those "hello grandma" calls from Canada. Boy, am I going to be ready for them.

I really missed my cat, Daisy; we had her for almost 14 years. I thought about getting another cat, but she wouldn't be the same. Through the Village, I found out about a woman two blocks away who needs a cat sitter now and then. So, when she is out of town, I go over there and take care of her cat, Fluffy. Sometimes I will stay there for an hour or two, just reading, with Fluffy curled up in my lap. The woman and I have become good friends; we have so much in common. We both love her cat.

I knew I should have been getting more exercise, but the winters here are so cold. I like to walk, but I am afraid of slipping on the ice. There is a health club not too far away, but it's so expensive. Then, through the Village, I found out that if I join OASIS, I can join the health club for a very modest fee. Not only that, OASIS has some wonderful classes. Now both my brain and my body are getting more exercise.

I didn't mean to be a pest to my daughter, but there were times I really needed help. I know she has her own life, and goodness knows, she had her hands full with the 3 kids and no husband. I am sure there were times she didn't even pick up the phone when she saw who was calling. I know she resented having to take care of me, but what could I do? I could not afford to move into one of those fancy retirement homes. And who wants to be around all those hoity-toity people, anyway? Then I found out about the Village and that has made all the difference. Now my daughter knows I have some great resources to rely on, some new friends, and the comfort of knowing that I can be more self-suffient. My daughter even calls me, just to chat and laugh about old times and to remember mom. What a difference the Village has made in my life ... and hers.