What is a village?

A village is a neighborhood membership organization that empowers adults to remain in their homes as they age. Each village offers a network of high-quality resources, services, programs, and activities that revolve around their members’ daily living needs, their social and cultural desires, their ongoing health and wellness, and member-to-member volunteer support. A basic village goal is to nourish, enrich, and enhance the experience of aging in the neighborhood with a membership that reflects the diversity of that area.

Why is a village needed?

Each village provides an affordable option for people whose greatest wish as they grow older is to remain in the diverse, multi-generational communities they often have lived in for many years – close to the cafes, bookstores, restaurants, churches, and local businesses they know well. A village helps older adults continue to live in their neighborhoods and contribute to the vibrancy of their communities.

What are the benefits of being a village member?

As a village member, you are connected to people, services and organizations that enable you to a vital and meaningful life in your neighborhood and beyond. Services may include the following:

Free services may include:

Fee-based services may include:

What are the annual membership dues?

Mid-County Senior Village dues will be determined as we organize. Nationally, village dues range from $500 to $1,000 annually for a single to $600 to $1200 for a household of 2 or more. Membership Plus reduced rate memberships are usually available for lower income seniors

What can an intake conversation consist of?

Each new village member may meet with a staff person or a trained volunteer to learn about your needs, concerns, interests, and questions. All confidential information is protected and made available to staff or your surrogate when needed. Members with more advanced needs may receive a complimentary in-home assessment from a nurse, social worker or gerontologist. This assessment covers health, safety, nutrition, psycho-social, emotional, and a range of other issues.

What if I’d like help arranging services that involve a fee?

Your village membership gives you access to a wide range of providers offering everything from transportation to home repair to computer assistance to house cleaning and more. We have pre-screened these providers so you don’t have to and we have made arrangements with many of them to provide discounts to village members. Village staff usually help coordinate these services or you can contact the providers yourself to make your own arrangements.

St. Louis has other organizations that serve older adults. Are you working with them?

Absolutely! As we grow, we are building relationships with many other government and private organizations to maximize our efforts for you. We do not wish to duplicate what is already being offered in the community. We are developing referral relationships that will benefit village members with many other organizations too. Our goal is to make it easy for our members to learn about and use these other services.

What are some examples of how members use village services?

Members use services differently, depending on their needs. Members who live alone might find our social, cultural, and educational activities most appealing. Members with some physical limitations might use our volunteer or fee-based transportation service to help with grocery shopping and medical appointments. A member returning home after a hospitalization might need help lining up in-home services, such as hiring a caregiver. Still another might need help to change a light bulb.

What roles do volunteers play in a village?

A village is truly a service “of, by, and for” the people who are part of it and it is our members who make it strong and successful. We want volunteers to help run the village, by helping with tasks, organizing outings, leading book clubs, etc. We also know that while most members will need help at some point, everyone also has something to give. We encourage members to help each other, and ask all new members to tell us about the talents, skills, and interests they have and can share with the village and its members.

What if I need something that is not on the list?

Ask us! We'll help you find what you need.

I am in good health. Why should I join a village?

Many people see their memberships as an insurance policy of sorts. By joining now, you can take part in the activities that appeal to you today. If you break your hip tomorrow, you can be assured that you will have help coming back home after your hospital stay, and the support of village volunteers and staff as you recuperate. A village helps you be prepared for the unexpected while giving you a sense of belonging to a group and remaining connected to your community.

As an adult child, can I buy a membership for my parents?

We encourage you to! This is a thoughtful gift for parents’ birthdays or for the holidays. Your parents can then use village services when they wish, and you have the peace of mind knowing your parents have access to assistance should they need it.

Why do I need to belong to the Mid-County Village? My children live nearby.

You are among the lucky ones, with children nearby. But not everyone is as lucky.

Just think back to when you were the child, looking after your aging parents. Wouldn't it have been great if they had been more independent? Going on trips with their friends, hiring a handyman or contractor to take care of the house? You would not have had to worry about them as much. You would have been able to spend more "quality" time with them. You would have had the reassurance that they were better off, financially.

Now, "fast-forward" a generation. How will your kids feel about you being part of a Village? Still in doubt? Ask them.

I have a spouse I can rely on.

Unfortunately, our situations change. Someday, you or your partner will become incapacitated. Many times, married couples divide up the responsibilities around the the house. If your partner was no longer able to keep up his end of the bargain, would you be able to pick up the slack? Can you clean the house, weed the lawn, balance the checkbook and program the TIVO without any help?

What if there are people in the Village I just don't like?

You're never going to find a group of people you like equally well, whether it's your church, your book group or your bowling league. But, in our lives, we have learned how to gravitate toward people we get along with, and avoid the others. It's part of the benefit of our experience of age.