Schwartz Family

Family Tree and Photographs

Descendancy Chart of Jacob Schwartz in Text format

Descendancy Chart of Adolph (Abraham) Schwartz in Chart format

Abraham Schwartz, Father of Ignatius Nathan Schwartz. Abraham was my great-grandfather.

Betty Gross, Nate's mother. My great-grandmother.

Adolph Gottlieb, Father of Annie Gottlieb Schwartz. Adolph was my great-grandfather.

Yetty Friedman, Annie's mother. My great-grandmother.

Ignatius Nathan Schwartz's wedding picture. Nate (my grandfather) was born in Hungary on May 18, 1874 and immigrated to the United States on November 20, 1889. He died in New Jersey on November 11, 1955. He and my grandmother were married on January 29, 1905 in New York City.

Annie Gottlieb Schwartz's wedding picture. Annie (my grandmother) was born in Hungary on November 28, 1883 and died in New Jersey on April 14, 1968.

Annie, Nate and Sylvia in 1907. Sylvia was the oldest; she was born in 1906. This is probably the only picture in which Nate Schwartz is shown sporting a mustache!

The complete family in 1920 Sylvia, Nate and Annie in the back row. Marjorie and Alfred in the middle row. Eleanor and Gene in the front.

Another family portrait in 1920 or 1921. Alfred, Sylvia, Marjorie and Gene in the back row. Annie, Eleanor and Nate in the front.

Annie and Nate and the five children about 1930. Alfred, Sylvia, Marjorie and Gene in the back row. Annie, Eleanor and Nate in the front.

The two sons, Alfred and Gene with Nate and Annie. Photo taken around 1934.

On board ship in the late 1930's. Annie, Sylvia and Nate prepare to set sail.

Annie and Nate and Eleanor in about 1937.

The Schwartz Family about 1942.
Back Row:

Front Row:

In Arkansas in 1944. Annie and Nate travel in style. Nate is almost ready to break out in a grin!

In Florida in the 1950's. Annie and Nate enjoy the sunshine.