Welcome to the home page of the ADASKIN family.

My wife, Debbie ADASKIN Lindbergh Schwartz is a member of the ADASKIN family. When I started on this project, I had about 150 ADASKIN names in my file; today, I have over 700 names.

Some of the Adaskins are quite famous, especially in Canada. Harry Adaskin was a well known violinist. His brother, Murray, was one of Canada’s most renown composers. Their brother, John, was also a musician, and was deeply involved with early broadcasts of concerts in Canada. A brother, Gordon, was an artist. Anatoly Adoskin is an actor in Moscow. There are also Adaskins in the circus in Moscow.

There are currently seven separate ADASKIN Family trees. I have assigned names to the branches, based upon the location of my first contact with a member of the branch.

We know that all the members of the family are related.

Harry Adaskin, the violinist, wrote two books, one of which was called A Fiddler's World. On page 3 of this book, he wrote about his father's recollections:

"He began with the earliest names he knew, which were those of my great-great-great grandparents Khanne and Laibe. Laibe owned a flour mill near Mistislavl (named after a Count Mistislavl; a town, but the way, much fought over by the Germans and Russians in the last war, and where, as I'll tell you later, my mother was born.) Eventually they bought much land in Balobos-chine (where my father was born), a hamlet 30 versts from Mistislavl. Laibe and Khanne had five sons: Sholem, Hirsche, Osher, Yoshe and Khayim. Osher and Khayim settled on the land in Balobos-chine."

"Osher was very rich and successful, and owned an inn in Tatarsk, ten versts from Balobos-chine. He had three daughters and two sons. Names in order of age: Sorre-Laye, Gittel, Hinde, Orre and Itche."

"Itche had Shlayme, Mayer, Rishche and another daughter."

The Main Branch Contains the all of the members of the Canadian family members and most of the USA members. The Canadian family members include Murray, John, Harry, and Gordon. You will also find Sue Adaskin, the Canadian karate champion. The Massachusetts family members are in this branch, as are the Detroit ADASKINs.

The Chicago Branch contains Isaak and Michael ADASKIN and their known relatives. Michael immigrated to the United States in 1990 from Baku.

The Moscow-1 Branch contains Sergey and Julia ADASKIN. Sergey was my first ADASKIN contact outside of the United States. In June, 1998, I received an Email message that read:

I am Adaskin Sergey Vladimirovich. You search me?

Since then, I have conducted a frequent exchange of Email messages with Sergey and his sister, Julia.

The Brooklyn Branch contains Valery ADASKIN and his known relatives both in the US and in Moscow. I found Valery through an Internet search. He lived in Brooklyn, but many of his relatives still live in Russia. Some of his cousins work in a Moscow circus. Valery is also related to the famous chess player, Michael Judovich.

The Moscow-2 Branch contains Masha ADOSKINA, her father, Anatoly ADOSKIN, and her cousin, Peter ADASKIN. Originally, I found Peter through an Internet search. In May, 1999, I received a letter from Masha ADOSKINA of Raleigh, NC. (Peter had given my name to his cousin, Masha.) Since then, we have visited with Masha and her family in North Carolina. Her father, Anatoly ADOSKIN and her mother have visited the United States, and we have had joyous reunions with them.

The Los Angeles Branch contains Leonard Grayver and his know relatives. Leonard was living in LA at the time I found him, thus the name of the branch. He has since moved to Palo Alto. Leonard's mother, Anna Grayver, says that her family lore recounts a relation to Michael Judovich, the chess player. So, there is an opportunity to tie together the Los Angeles branch with the Brooklyn Branch.

The St. Petersburg Branch (Russia, not Florida) contains members of the ADASKIN family in both California and Russia. Dina ADASKIN Fradkin was my first contact with this branch of the family. I have since made contact with her cousin, Luba, in St. Petersburg and Luba's son, Alex Polovinkin. Luba has an uncle in Ukraine, who I have yet to track down.

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Al Adaskin has some wonderful old pictures on his site. Click here to view them. The User Name is Adaskin and the Password is mompics The names of the image files tell you who you are looking at. In many cases, the dates are included.

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